February 6, 2014


One of my roommates in college, my friend J, had brought this beautiful bright red chair for her desk in our apartment. I had always loved it and remember telling her how red came to remind me of her because of this chair. She told me that the reason she had the chair, was because red was the color of her aura, according to her mom. J’s mom saw people surrounded by a color and explained how surrounding yourself with your aura color can put you at ease.

Joyce told me that Yellow was my aura color and honestly, it had been my favorite color for a long time. According to her, a pale & soft yellow radiates around me ;)

Since that day, I have made an effort to surround myself with a bit more yellow. I painted my dresser yellow and my favorite print beside my bed is yellow. It's fun to associate a color to your personality!

My mom was told emerald was her color, and my sister Em - a mint green. 

Do you believe in something like having an aura color? What do you think/hope yours would be?


  1. you are such a yellow, ann-banann. and you do a pretty darn good job of pouring your warm light over everyone! <3

  2. Joyce was right on Anni! Ray of Sunshine u are!

  3. Aww SARAH, that's why you're my BEST. We go together really well.. Hmm maybe that means you are yellow too ;)

  4. Thanks Mama. And you are our "healer" with the biggest heart, you EMERALD GEM!

  5. I actually am!! OLD YELLER



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