February 21, 2014

Loving deeds reinforce loving words.

This week my loved ones and I recieved heart breaking news about someone very close to my heart. The kind of news that makes you want to hug everyone you love, a bazillion times over.

After this, I wanted to be alone. I went home to my tiny apartment and sat there with a cup of tea and many prayers. Even though I live alone in a studio, I rarely spend time in there by myself and I enjoyed it for a night. (Although, I know one night is all this extrovert can handle for awhile). I spent another night sitting across from one of my best friends, who made me laugh and smile more than I had all week. I spent some time with my sisters and cousins, enjoying the company of my insanely close family. I think I talked to my mom on the phone an average of five times a day..

Then, I came home late one night to a huge bouquet of flowers waiting outside of my door. The biggest bundle of spring smiles wrapped in a bright bow. I opened the card, "Keep smiling bff!" from my best friend of nearly 18 years. She is a friend that I don't even have to explain my emotions to, she just knows. And she knows exactly how to remind me of how kick ass our friendship is. Loving deeds reinforce loving words.

This week reminded me of how I blessed I am. Even though I have had to experience a great sadness, I am so lucky be surrounded by such powerful love. I've learned that honesty, vulnerability, and presence should be held more sacred. My strongest relationships with people are those that I am the most honest with and allow myself to be the most vulnerable with. I want to continue to strive to be even more present with these people. To enjoy each moment without worrying about taking an instagram or checking my phone to see if someone else had something to tell me. Isn't being present, the most greatest thing you can give?

My faith, family and friends are where I turn to during these times and this week made me feel extremely grateful for the parts of my life that own the biggest chunks of my heart.

Count your blessings, and be present with them.

"Dear Lord, please help me to remember that nothing will happen to me today that you and I can't handle together."



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