November 10, 2013

Growing Up

I believe that I have a strong balance in my left brain and right brain. I'm analytical, yet creative. I love familiar, yet I live for being intuitive. I wait for the little guy to say I can go when crossing the street but I am addicted to the thrill of new ink. Strategic and passionate. It can be a bit conflicting when decisions are put in front of me.

I'm in that part of my life where everything is up in the air. It's quite the phase, your "early 20-somethings". I'm less than a month away from graduating college, plans to pursue my dreams, plans to travel. Everything is transient: my career, my life, my relationships. My early twenties is turning out to be a time of being completely unsure of what the future holds.

I'm aiming to make decisions that are rational. To make choices that allow me to be the best me, that will bring me the most happiness. But there are a lot of decisions to be made, and each decision has so many options. And more often than not, I like so many of the options that I put myself in quite the pickle.

If I have learned anything so far in this phase of my life, it's that growing up and the practicality that accompanies it is a double-edged sword: the two things that while having the benefit of keeping you sane, also force you to make decisions that are no fun at all.

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  1. I admire you so much-when u get knocked down, u brush off and get up and SMILE. Who does that---Anni does that!



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