February 3, 2016


This is an exciting month! I love the magic of each holiday but the decorations for Valentine's day... I could just keep them up year round. I don't know about you but I can't get enough red, pink, hearts and flowers squeezed into my life! There are many exciting things happening in the next few weeks so I'm just so happy February is here.

February to-do list:
Pretty simple five things, I think! February may be my last "quiet" month since work starts to get really busy in spring and there are a handful of big things on our radar for the next few months. Besides Valentine's Day, I get to travel to Boston to see Stephanie and am looking forward to sometime visiting my grandparents. I also intend to bake all the heart shaped things. Happy love month to you and yours! xo

February 1, 2016

Hello 2016...

January is so cold yet so fresh and I love the idea of new beginnings. This January I couldn't help but think this is going to be a really good year. My resolutions for last year were fairly simple and if I'm being totally honest, pretty vague. This year, I decided to make monthly to-do lists and switch it up each month. Worth a shot right?

January to-do list: 
  1. Read this month's book: Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand. My first item each month will be to read a book because reading seems to be one of my favorite hobbies yet the first thing on the backburner when life feels busy. I started a Goodreads account and made a to-read list to get the ball rolling but was really excited to pick up this one by Elin Hilderbrand for the winter months. Love her books (many of them are on my list for the year) but loved this cozy read near the holidays. Highly recommend. There is a sequel, Winter Stroll, and I'm crazy excited to see where the Quinn family is at a year later :)
  2. Apply for a new credit card with better rewards. Done and done! I am really proud of myself for getting my finances in order last year and this was the cherry on top. I feel set!
  3. Book a trip to Boston to see Stephanie!! Maybe the best one on my list because booking vacations is so much work to me. I don't know why. It's kind of Matt's territory I guess. I cannot wait to fly out to see one of my absolute best friends for an entire girls weekend!! 
  4. Spend a cozy winter weekend at the cabin. We took advantage of the pretty warm last weekend in January and packed up to head north with my sister in tow! It was such a relaxing weekend with lots of lounging, good coffee and great company. 
  5. Bake our beloved bran muffins. Growing up, our neighbor Betty, used to make the best bran muffins. She has since passed and these muffins are so nostalgic for me. The recipe makes the biggest batch and some of the ingredients are hard to find but it is worth it when you can smear butter on a warm bran muffin. Emily came over one Sunday and we had the little oven working all morning. My freezer is still full of them, it's the best. 
As far as the entire year of 2016, I hope the year doesn't have too many extremes. I hope it's filled with faith, love, family and friends. I want to spend my time being good and true to myself so that I love others more deeply. Happy new year, everyone. xo
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